Online Training Tips

Written by GIE IT Training

February 1, 2014

Online training is an excellent way to study new skills in a convenient and cost effective way. But what does it take to succeed in it?

Online training is convenient because it can be done from the comfort of your home. It also enables you to balance other commitments, since it is available 24/7. But remember – it requires the same focus and motivation as it would in class. For example, PRINCE2 online training isn’t easier than PRINCE2 training in a classroom. The body of knowledge and the exam are the same whichever way you study. To make the best of online training, here are some useful tips:

1. Don’t put things off

As soon as you know what material you have to study, start making a plan to study it. Get exposed to all of the material early, so you can plan ahead what you will study each time. This will also help you flesh out in advance any questions you might have, so you can refer to them later. Be responsible for making good use of your study time. It’s worth it.

2. Learn in an organised way

Our PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner online courses are divided into modules. We can’t tell you how much to study each time, since this is an individual recommendation based on your habits. But we can recommend that you organise the material in a way that suits you, and not just sit down to read randomly any number of chapters. In that respect, you need to keep your sessions practical and meaningful. Many of our students prefer to study for one hour at a time. Planning an exact start and finish time helps motivation too. Don’t have an hour? wake up 30 minutes earlier, and go to sleep 30 minutes later.

3. No interruptions

If you come to our classroom training on any topic, be it PRINCE2, ITIL or MSP, one of the first things you’d hear would be to turn off your phone. Being outside your home or office contributes to that uninterrupted learning environment too. But that doesn’t mean you cannot create that environment at home: turn off your phones and any other media, and pretend you are in class. Close the door, and explain to whoever is with you in the same house why it would help you a lot if they left you alone one hour. Some people keep a blank pad on the desk, to right down any interruptive thought you may come across during your study time, like things you remember you must do, but aren’t urgent. Keep that schedule!

4. Take notes

It is a proven and reliable mechanism for recording and retrieving new knowledge when necessary. In addition, it is also an integral part of the learning process, helping you to understand and process the information you see and hear during the online training.

5. Review last lesson

Every time you start a new studying session, take a few minutes to review the previous lessons. This can be your notes, or the summary information in our online training material. Reviewing the last lesson prepares you better to understanding new material.

6. Reward yourself for your success

You are taking an important step to boost your career. You are doing it for yourself. So pat yourself on the back each time you are one step closer to your goal!

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