Software Tester’s Role – Part 1 – What do testers do?

Written by GIE IT Training

August 26, 2013

Software design and development is a tricky business and prone to human errors for various reasons which we will not be able to cover in this article. Software testers don’t generally create (or develop) the software you use, but rather help make it better. Their purpose is to find issues (also known as “bugs” or “defects”) with the software before it is delivered to the users. It’s hard to grasp the complexity of creating software and verifying that it works. Some defects are therefore inevitable. It’s important to find as many defects as possible before the software, application, or web page is sold or exposed to the wider audience of customers or users. Some defects can be annoying, some can be embarrassing, and some can be life threatening, depending on the software and system it is being used on.

We conclude with a comment to our interested students:

Testing, although mostly structured by nature, is open to interpretation. In our IT retraining course Retrain as a Software Test Analyst you will learn how to make the right decision when putting theory into practise.

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