Software Test Analysts are in High Demand An opportunity to retrain and get into the IT market

Written by GIE IT Training

November 20, 2012

According to the IT Job Watch, the average Software Testing salary in November 2013 was £37,500, rising to in excess of £80,000 based on your expertise and length of experience.

In a research conducted by the Learning and Skills Council and government sources, software testing is one of the top recession-proof jobs in the UK. It is constantly in demand by the growing industry, and it pays pretty well too.
As a software tester, you will take part in designing and researching key systems that are essential to an organisations’ success and future growth, in various disciplines and domains. The options to grow within that industry are truly impressive.
Build your career around your time preferences and existing commitments, by either working as a consultant on temporary projects, or as a full-time employee with all the benefits the IT industry can offer.

Sounds too good to be true? Well, it doesn’t come easy, but it is certainly a lot easier to get into than other IT careers. Not everyone fits the software test analyst profile, and this IT career path can be considered demanding by some standards. But if it’s the path for you, then at GIE IT Training we have tailored the most thorough software testing course to get you into the world of IT providing you with the skills to get the job and to do it right.  We do not believe in shortcuts, and demand a lot from our students. In return, after you successfully complete the course, you will be equipped with the GIE IT Training certification and the skills to start that IT career.

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