Software Tester’s Role

Written by GIE IT Training

August 21, 2013

Many prospective students in our Test Analysts course often ask what do test analysts (or testers as they are often addressed to) actually do?

This isn’t common knowledge, even for those who work in the IT business for some years.

It’s not always easy to explain what one does on his daily job (especially in IT) nevertheless we are going to give it a try.

First, let’s simply split the term “Software Testing”. We will work with the assumption that if you continued to read so far, you probably know what software is, however even if you don’t we will try to clarify. When referring to software in the IT job world people would be talking about that set of computer instructions. These instructions (also referred to as code) are written in a language the computer can translate into actions. These days, most of the world that surrounds us uses one type or another of software. Be that the TV set in our living room, or our mobile phone. Some types of software are designed to help us do things easily, for example on the mobile phone, or computer. Some other types of software we can’t even see, such as those used in microwaves or even our cars.

There are many roles involved in producing the software we all use; project managers, designers, code developers, and many more that take part and contribute during the process at different stages. Software testers are part of that effort too.

Testing although mostly structured, by nature, is open to interpretation. In our IT retraining course Retrain as a Software Test Analyst you will learn how to make the right decision when putting theory into practise.

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