How to build a website that is friendly for the vision-impaired users

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Written by GIE IT Training

December 27, 2020

Some web developers and UI designers are not always aware of the standards that exists to assist users that are visually imparied. In this post we will describe some of the methods to ensure these users are not left behind and manage to interact with your website, in a productive manner.

There are accessibility standards that website owners or developers can check for when publishing/building a new website. The standard in this area is published by W3C. More details on that standard can be found here: .
Some of the basic techniques to provide such support include the following methods:
1. Providing text alternatives to images/videos (it is called alt tag in html). This allows automated readers to “read” the image shown and “describe” what is in the image
2. A website can also offer these readers as a plugin alternative or Audio only version.
3. When choosing a website color palette, use high contrast colors that make it easier for visually impaired people to read the text, and draw attention to actions required.
4. Support the resizing of text up 200%
5. avoid using images that contain text, and if you must then ensure an alt attribute is provided (as in point 1).

Maybe the most important element of all is to TEST for accessibility features on the website you are building and ensure it supports the standard. There are automated tools that can help test w3c standards.
Protractor, which is a testing framework for angular (web development platform for web apps), offers an Accessibility-Plugin that can ensure you have no accessibility issues as part of the end-to-end automated test conducted on a website/web app.

Other such tools for testing include Automated Accessibility Testing Tool (AATT) which can be integrated into an existing automated tool.

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These are just some very high-level suggestions, but if you have any more follow up questions, feel free to contact us.

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