8 Myths about PRINCE2

Written by GIE IT Training

February 2, 2014

What’s stopping you from implementing PRINCE2?

Many people misunderstand PRINCE2 and criticise it without knowing enough about it. Most people are not aware that PRINCE2 method is in the public domain.There are very good reasons for PRINCE2 being so widely used in many organisations. However, some people we spoke with were against PRINCE2 training and wouldn’t consider implementing this project management methodology. When we asked why, we were surprised to find out that many of them had the wrong ideas about PRINCE2.

Here is a summary of some of the common excuses and misconceptions about PRINCE2:

1.  PRINCE2 is too time consuming

It is certainly not! There is always time for project management, and it is time well spent. In fact, the less time you have to deliver the project, and the harder the deadline, the tighter control you need. PRINCE2 may take some time to implement, but you will gain that time back as you progress with the project. The PRINCE2 course itself can be done in 3 days (Foundation) or 5 days (Foundation and Practitioner). If you take PRINCE2 training online, you can still commit to your daily job whilst gaining this certificate.
PRINCE2 can be used in a modest and quick way, and will help you manage your scheduling risks quite efficiently without necessarily adding time to the overall project plan.

2.  My project is too small for PRINCE2

Didn’t you know that size isn’t everything? PRINCE2 will fit practically any size of project. Only two individuals are required (part time) to run a PRINCE2 project. But you need to know how to use these two individuals wisely in each project. This is where good PRINCE2 training is important, as well as some PRINCE2 consultancy to make sure you start implementing this method on the right foot.

3.  PRINCE2 adds a lot of paperwork

That’s incorrect. In PRINCE2, you are in control of the amount of formality and communications. Thus you can decide to be informal as suitable to your needs, and still be working under the PRINCE2 framework. You do that using the Communication Plan (a PRINCE2 concept) to define how each communication will be made. This can be tailored per project. You can use email, report, meeting, project web space, conference call, or graffiti in the hallway…

4.  PRINCE2 is too much additional work

PRINCE2 is a tool that will help you make your work easier. It is not additional work, but an addition to your toolkit that will make you more efficient. As explained in our PRINCE2 training classrooms, in many cases PRINCE2 helps you priorities and focus on the most important tasks, bringing value to your business. In some cases you may find that some of the work was inefficient and took too much time. So essentially, PRINCE2 can help you save time.

5.  PRINCE2 is bad for team creativity

Incorrect. If a project member has a good idea worth doing, then PRINCE2 has mechanisms to consider and cater for that creative idea. It embraces creativity in a controlled manner. Because “uncontrolled” creativity can often hurt your project when there’s a lot of time and money involved.

6.  PRINCE2 is not fit for Agile and flexible environments

PRINCE2 was born before the age of the Agile buzzwords of recent years. This is perhaps why not many are aware how flexible PRINCE2 really is! Almost everything about it is flexible and can be tailored to your project. You just need to learn how to do it properly, and proper training can certainly help. There’s more to it than just reading the manual and passing the exam!

7.  PRINCE2 is specific for IT government projects

It may have been true long ago, but it is certainly not true anymore. There is plenty of evidence from the private market and non-IT projects that prove that PRINCE2 is not limited to a certain sector or project type.

8.  PRINCE2 takes too long to learn

It takes time, but not too long. You can complete the PRINCE2 training (Foundation and Practitioner) in just 5 days. How much time will it cost you if you don’t manage your projects using this method? Probably more. You owe yourself as a professional to invest this time in honing your skills and improve your abilities with best-practice methods.

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