PRINCE2 training – Why is it so popular?

Written by GIE IT Training

April 22, 2014

Since PRINCE2 was introduced, more than 600,000 people have taken the PRINCE2 qualification exams, and the numbers don’t seem to go down. More and more people are taking PRINCE2 training. Why is this happening? How come this project management qualification is still so popular, even in light of other project management qualifications? What makes PRINCE2 training so essential for your career?

Everyone needs project management skills

The need for project management skills is higher than ever and on a steady rise. If in the past each project had a specialist project manager, then today almost every staff member is required to have some basic project management skills. In many working environments it has become the norm, that on top of the employee’s core responsibility in their roles, they are expected to demonstrate and initiate improvements. These improvements are often delivered through projects. This brought an increase in the number of projects, and thus in the number of project managers. It has set an expectation with employers that most project members must have basic project management skills, or at least an awareness of project best practices, so that they can function well in a project environment.

Regardless of what your role is, by taking PRINCE2 training and getting officially certified, you can prove to your employer (or potential employer) that you have a good understanding of the project management aspects of the role.

Even experienced Project Managers Benefit from PRINCE2 Training

Experienced project managers found that PRINCE2 training helped them get better clarity on processes and procedures they were already working with. Most experienced project managers gained their knowledge from previous training or simply by years of experience. As an experienced PM, PRINCE2 training helps you link your daily project management routines to an acknowledged best-practice methodology. It enables you to finally be able to explain what you do in fairly simple terms to those who work with you in the project, as well as to project stakeholders. With clear diagrams and terminology, you can share with project staff what your role exactly is, and what is expected from each project member, and when. It is a helpful tool in exposing project members to the bigger picture, which is a highly motivational aspect in team communication.

For experienced project managers who are looking for a job, PRINCE2 training can provide that highly sought-after certification that recruiters look for. PRINCE2 has become synonymous with project management in recent years, and even with years of experience you simply must get PRINCE2 training in order to ensure your future career.

PRINCE2 Training Vs. other project management practices

If you are a project manager, or work in a project environment, then PRINCE2 training is not the only popular option. PRINCE2 training covers everything you need to know about project management and running projects as a project manager or as a project member.

When it comes to managing programmes, then MSP – Managing Successful Programmes – is the right qualification for you. However, there is no collision between the two methodologies, since a programme is essentially a collection of projects. The two qualifications are closely linked. As a Programme Manager you will benefit a lot from PRINCE2 training too. If you know well how projects are supposed to be managed, then this will become highly useful in understanding MSP. Having said that, PRINCE 2 training is not a prerequisite to MSP, and vice versa.

M_o_R – Management of Risks – is also a very helpful methodology looking at the risk aspect of a project (and what project is without risk?). Beyond projects, it looks into the broader areas of risk – programme level risks, operational risks, strategic risks, and more. In this case too PRINCE2 training doesn’t contradict MoR, but complements it.

Finally, when it comes to project management training, you always need to look first at your role and responsibilities, and select the training courses that will benefit your management duties most.

PRINCE2 Training

If you are new to project management then, without doubt, PRINCE2 training is the best qualification to get. It is practical and relatively simple to understand. It draws a lot of its principles from common sense. Getting PRINCE 2 training and becoming certified, tells your future employer in the strongest way that you know the basics of project management, and can demonstrate it. This is also one acronym on your CV that sends a clear message to recruiters: “trust me!“. It means you have at least the basic required project management skills, officially certified by this best practice standard qualification.

PRINCE2 training will probably not make you stand out of the crowd. It used to, perhaps a decade ago, but not anymore today. These days you stand out from the crowd by not having PRINCE2 qualification.

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