The Value of PRINCE2 Training Online

Written by GIE IT Training

May 12, 2014

Advantages of PRINCE2 Training Online

Today’s training trends show an increasing demand for online training. Project management methods can benefit from this type of training. One reason for this is the structured content which is easy to follow individually online. Another reason is because PRINCE2 training online target audience tend to be more independent and disciplined learners. In this post we will try to point out the value of taking PRINCE2 training online by examining the main advantages of this type of training.

Taking PRINCE2 training online is a very efficient way to get trained. This efficiency is evident in two aspects – cost and time.

Cost: Training providers can offer online training at lower price compared to the classroom training. This means that a typical PRINCE2 Foundation course would cost less to purchase than an equivalent classroom based course. Additional cost savings to the trainees are related to the fact that they do not have to lose any working days, and they get trained in their spare time. On top of this, there is the advantage of a flexible location. Not being bound to a certain classroom location, and being able to take the course at your home, means there are no travel, accommodation, or subsistence expenses to add to the cost. When you purchase a PRINCE2 training online course, you know there will be no other unexpected expenses related to the course.

Time: the flexible nature of PRINCE2 training online means that you can train at your own time, progress at your personal pace, and be at your preferred location. Some people find it easier to learn new material early in the morning, some prefer to study during their lunchtime break in small pieces, and some people are nocturnal learners. Online training enables each person to maximise their potential when they know they are at their best to absorb new material. Furthermore, as mentioned above, this type of training enables you to balance the training with other commitments you may have.

Effective progress: Online training courses have effective ways to measure progress. With a set of sample exams and questions, you are able to identify your weakest areas, and focus your studies on them rather than on the modules you are already comfortable with. With the way the PRINCE2 training online course is structured, you can plan your learning effectively to suit your progress.

The modular structure of PRINCE2 training online courses is effective for beginners and experienced managers alike. If you already have PRINCE2 experience and just need certification, then you can jump straight to the modules which you need more focus on. Similarly, for PRINCE2 re-registration you may want to spend more time on the topics which may have changed since your last exam, or those areas you are less experienced with.

Focused learning: An individual learning experience, such as in the PRINCE2 training online course, offers a much more focused way of learning. The PRINCE2 methodology, as many other project management methodologies, is a structured method, and comprises of a set of themes and methods that you must learn. An online learning experience is distraction free, and helps you stay on topic. While classroom discussions can open your mind to interesting related subjects, it is important to remember that eventually the PRINCE2 exam will only have questions on PRINCE2. So PRINCE2 training online is an effective way to make sure you stay focused on the right subjects and are prepared for the exam.

In summary, PRINCE2 online training has many advantages, and specifically it is an efficient way to learn, with effective results.


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