Why sit the PRINCE2 Certification Training & Exam?

Written by GIE IT Training

January 22, 2014

This concern has actually been bugging me for a while, particularly when you take a look at the stats of how many individuals are taking their PRINCE2 certifications; There are currently tens of 1000s of people around the globe who are certified as PRINCE2 Practitioners. So substantial is its use and relevancy that in the last 6 months of 2013 over 20,000 men and women have been qualified as PRINCE2 Practitioners*.

*These statistics have been taken from APMG international website

My PRINCE2 training experience

Over the course of a few weeks I talked to a few individuals who were all celebrating their recent success in passing the PRINCE2 Practitioner level , only one of them was a project manager. Me included, I have passed my Practitioner exam recently and I usually work as an IT Test Manager .

PRINCE2 Certification as a CV booster

One of the people I spoke to was just recently made redundant from his job and made use of the compensation money received to have PRINCE2 online training , “so hopefully the certification I got will help me get a good job!” was how he put it.

Another person that have done the PRINCE2 training with me is an IT Manager. The company he works for are looking to standardizing their project management method. He has only done the foundation level of PRINCE2 and now he is planning to take  the practitioner level exam as he has bought into the PRINCE2 method.

PRINCE2 and Public Sector

I also spoke to an IT service manager, working with some public sector clients. When asked why he recently took his PRINCE2 exam, he responded, “basically all the services that we provide to our clients is governed by PRINCE2. I guess the company I work for want me to do some of the project management work myself. In reality PRINCE2 simply makes me avoid assumptions with regards to the project  elements more often than I usually do.”
Some people that took the course with me , didn’t even intended to be doing project management work  , however they (like me) got to realise that PRINCE2 certification became a “must have” qualification to have on your CV.

Why PRINCE2 and not something else ?!

When you search google for “project management training” you can immediately  see that PRINCE2 is the market leader (at least of google’s first page). To be honest I also found some PMP and MSP courses, however as never heard of any of those before , PRINCE2 was the first one I wanted to look into. Anybody searching the internet to get a grasp of project management technics can’t help being bombarded by PRINCE2 Training and certification ads.
From what I understood from the trainer, many within the project management field understand that PRINCE2 is only part of the story.
A nice lady I spoke to told me that the tasks they are taking are getting bigger so they are  going to require even more staff that is PRINCE2 certified. These can easily become Programmes. That is why for some , a natural path to take after getting their PRINCE2 certificate is to go on a MSP training course. MSP stands for Managing Successful Programmes.

PRINCE2 Training – Not from the company’s Training budget!

Apparently some people go on a PRINCE2 Certification course , because companies that cannot afford expansive contractors are re-using the present in-house staff. These people are now required to do jobs that are not usually within their career path. This practice has actually ended up being more widespread and without a doubt  it’s typically the individual who has to pay the bill for their own development, as they want to progress faster. Some bosses (according to a few guys on the course) have told them they should be able to get certified only by reading the PRINCE2 Manual. Excuse my french , but what a load of … . Only after I have done the PRINCE2 training I realised , how there was NO WAY I was going to be able to pass the Practitioner exam on just from studying from the manual . I know of one guy that was on the same training with me that didn’t even pass after he took the  practitioner training .

I would agree though that passing the Foundation Level Exam is much easier then the Practitioner Exam. I personally think I should have done the Foundation Training online and the Practitioner in a classroom. As a contractor , I’m getting paid daily and I would have saved 3 days pay (almost as much as the PRINCE Course cost me !) by taking the PRINCE2 online foundation training .

In any case , I wanted to thank those that have been very kind to share the information above with me.

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