Test Automation using Selenium and Java


This Selenium and Java training course covers the basic elements of Java and Selenium coding.

We will be using real-life examples from websites and web apps built and used for testing to explain the various concepts and provide you with the experience you will need to start your job search as a Test Automation Analyst.

The training course will take you through the various stages of preparations required for testing and includes coverage of several Test Automation Frameworks and Design Patterns such as TestNG, PageObject, Maven, Jenkins executions, Cucumber, and more.

During the training course, other areas will also be covered such as Selenium Grid, aspects of performance testing (General concepts) as well as Database testing

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Who is this course for?

  • Previous knowledge of testing practices is highly recommended however if you do now hold such knowledge or experience please consider taking our Career Change Training Course
  • Anyone who would like to get inept knowledge with automated testing using Selenium and Java
  • Previous experience coding in Java is NOT required. This Selenium and Java training course is targeted at people with no previous experience with coding.

What will be covered in the Selenium and Java Training course?

  • The course includes projects where practical issues and solutions are being addressed and explained
  • All setup instructions are explained as part of this training course for Selenium and Java Automated testing
  • Trainers support throughout the Selenium and Java training course time will respond to your queries
  • We will cover both theoretical aspects and technical hands-on coding technics when required to automatically test a website using Selenium and Java
  • Interview questions, answers, and possible assistance with finding a position that suits your capabilities will also be discussed with the help of our partners Tech IT Recruitment 


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